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Temporary storage in Orange County

It is not always possible to move furniture, appliances and other things from one room to another in one day. It happens that the old apartment needs to be vacated much earlier than the new one is ready, and all the family property has to be stored somewhere else until the appointed date. But you can’t leave it on the street… And where?

For such cases, there are special temporary storage warehouses that rent out their “cells” for a variety of things: from cans to expensive electronics, interior items and even documents. Once such a service could only be used by large organizations with a large number of goods and, as a result, a wide rental area. Now it is available to everyone – the dimensions of the “cells” start from one square meter, so they are suitable for placing almost any household items.

The rooms are usually located in a protected area. Some companies also provide the possibility of full control of the rented space and increased security parameters for especially valuable cargo: property insurance, individual access to the premises, alarm and more. For storing things that are sensitive to temperature conditions, you can choose a heated or cooled room. For those who do not care about rain and snow, it is easy to save money by paying only for an open section of the warehouse without a roof.

If you need urgent removal of property from the apartment or office, use a unique service from Pro Movers – Storage. The order is made in just one phone call. As a personal “cell” here is the same truck that will pick up your things from home and bring them the next day to the specified point. The beauty of the “safe” on wheels is that you do not have to waste time searching for a carrier from the outside, as well as putting your property at risk during additional loading and unloading operations – storage and transportation are combined here into one!

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