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How to prepare for moving to another apartment or house?

How to prepare for moving to another apartment or house?

In the view of an ordinary American, moving is comparable to a natural disaster. How to avoid causes for unnecessary disorders, saving time, nerves and even money? Pro Movers Inc. is ready to share very simple useful recommendations.

How to start preparing for the move?

With a good preliminary work, if you decide to do everything yourself (we will definitely talk about alternatives too). The quality of preparation for the move depends on whether it will turn into a pain of loss for you or everything will go smoothly. We will have to work on two fronts: solve organizational issues and prepare things for moving to another address. The main recommendation for this stage is to get down to business in advance. Ideally, if you have a couple of weeks left.

When is it better to move?

If possible, schedule the move for a weekday. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it, so it’s easy to explain why it’s not so easy to find a car and movers on weekends or holidays. Especially if the end or the very beginning of the month is on the calendar: during this period, those who have had changes with rental housing are actively moving. For many, this is also the beginning of a new life in a new place. Do not forget about the weather, characteristic of different seasons. Agree, it’s nicer to move when it’s warm and dry outside.

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What will you need to pack things?

Stock up on a wide adhesive tape, rope (a nylon harness will do), bubble wrap and stretch film. All this is available in any hypermarket for construction and repair. They also offer the most suitable containers for moving — cardboard boxes. Pay attention to the quality of the product: special slots on the sides for ease of carrying may not be as important as the confidence that the box will simply withstand the move. In addition, avoid boxes that are too large: when loaded, they can be heavy even to move them, not what to carry. Take another pack or two of capacious plastic garbage bags. Even if you don’t put anything in them, they can be useful as additional protection from dirt and dust.

In what order to prepare things?

Start with the contents of the upper and far shelves (do not forget about the balcony if you also use it for storage). Most likely, you use all these things infrequently and will easily do without them in the days remaining before the move. Actually, demand is the main criterion. Follow it until you are left with only the essentials. You will be able to pack it just a couple of hours before moving, just do not forget to label the packaging accordingly so that you can quickly find and start using it in a new place. Special attention and time will be required to prepare for the transportation of fragile and valuable things — for example, family crystal and porcelain, expensive household appliances and, of course, pieces of furniture. That’s why it’s better to start collecting in advance. By the way, moving is a good reason to revalue your belongings and just throw away everything superfluous.…

How to fold things correctly?

Although packages are less preferable as containers for moving, they are quite suitable for transporting blankets, pillows, and parts of seasonal clothing. So that the packaging is not too flimsy, use not one bag, but two or three. Keep an eye on the weight: if the burden turns out to be too heavy, the bags will simply break. If possible, wrap the resulting bale with tape: this way you will strengthen the packaging, reduce its volume somewhat, and at the same time you will be able to make a strong handle-loop. It will be more convenient to take and carry.

Put books, magazines, albums, CDs dear to your heart in boxes. If you are not far away, you can put them in piles and tie them up, placing each stack in a bag so as not to get dirty on the way. In any case, remember about the weight: even a small box filled with printing becomes simply unaffordable. It is important that the contents of the box are packed tightly. And don’t forget to reinforce the boxes with tape, especially the bottom.

How to protect the fragile and expensive?

For expensive and fragile things, of course, it is better to choose an individual package or pick up an air bubble or stretch film, paper, tape and create an individual package yourself. It is good to fill the voids in the common box with soft things, but do not wrap everything in blankets and blankets. First, get a shapeless and insecure node. And secondly, then, when you take the gasket out of the box after moving, something will definitely fall out on the floor…

The dishes are transported strictly vertically, otherwise the serving items may not tolerate excessive pressure from above. For large mirrors, plasma TVs and all that, a solid wooden crate is generally recommended (if there is no factory packaging left) – especially when it comes to a large long-distance move. Cardboard, film and tape will also help you. Of course, it will not be superfluous to mark packages with fragile and valuable cargo.

Furniture does not always need to be disassembled before moving. But nothing should remain inside, including loose shelves, glasses, mirrors. To protect the outer surfaces, do not spare the film. Protect particularly critical places (corners) with cardboard beforehand. Do the same with bulky household appliances — a refrigerator and a washing machine. After packing, ensure free access to large items: movers will take them out first.

Does it make sense to contact moving companies?

There is, and we would strongly recommend considering this option, especially if there is a long and difficult moving. Do not be afraid that it will be too expensive. Firstly, it’s worth it: you will receive a comprehensive service that will relieve you of the headache associated with preparing for the move and allow you to focus on other more important things. All of the above tasks will no longer be your concern.
Secondly, professional moving companies working under the contract assume financial responsibility for the safety of the cargo.

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