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Why People Choose Us And What You Get When You Hire Pro Movers

  1. We provide an accurate quote.
  2. We use modern technology to provide the most accurate quotes for long-distance moving.
  3. We also can take your inventory down and listen to your requirements as well as introduce you to Pro Movers’ long-distance moving process.

Delivery is on time

We use our moving trucks for long-distance moves. We have the ability to deliver your goods on time.

  • You will have a personal assistant

You will have your personal assistant (not a robot) from the beginning to the end of your moving process.

Your salesperson will take care of you from providing an accurate quote to sending professional moving crew. He or she will also assist you with in-transit services.
You can keep constant track of your shipment by contacting your personal assistant.

  • We are professional movers
  • We are great at what we are doing

We have completed more than 36752 jobs to date and counting and have many repeat customers

  • We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured a long-distance moving company.
  • Pro Movers Inc. uses our own moving truck and employees. We do not use day laborers.
  • Our movers are professional movers. They are fully trained and covered under our liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • We have our own moving storage facility. Pro Movers Inc. provides discounted storage to its customers.
  • We use the highest quality moving supplies for your long-distance move to ensure your belongings will not get damaged.
  • We guarantee the best rates for long-distance moving services.

We guarantee that you will always receive our best rates when you call us at 714-331-6556 or:

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Orange County Long-distance Movers

Are you looking for a professional cross-country mover or long-distance moving company in Orange County?

Then you are on the right page.

Pro Movers Inc. takes pride in being the most recognized and well-known Orange County long-distance moving company.

We are ahead of our peers in many ways, so you should choose us over the others.

Hundreds of satisfied customers will attest to that. However, if you are still looking for reasons, kindly keep reading this page to learn more about us, the best Orange County long-distance movers. We serve 46 states

Pro Movers Inc. has helped thousands of clients move from/to :

  • California to Nevada,
  • California to Oregon,
  • California to Arizona,
  • California to Washington,
  • California to New Mexico
  • California to Texas
  • California to Colorado
  • California to Utah

And from/to:

  • Nevada to California
  • Oregon to Californa
  • Arizona to California
  • Washington to California
  • Texas to California
  • New Mexico to California
  • Colorado to California
  • Utah to California

We take on all kinds of projects. We do all jobs—big and small—and cater to all our clients in an equal manner. We are not biased and provide residential, office, and labor moving services.

  • Also, unlike many interstate movers or long-distance moving companies in Orange County, we do not charge any hidden fees. We give an upfront quote, and that is why our customers love us. We do not believe in surprising the customers at the last minute with outlandish charges! So do not worry; if you choose us, you will get the best services at the most pocket-friendly rates.
  • We provide all the tools and equipment necessary for a smooth long-distance move.
  • We believe in upgrading our tools from time to time, and that is how we can deliver the best services in the industry with our expert Orange County long-distance movers.
  • We keep our trucks clean to facilitate transporting your items.
  • We are punctual and ensure that the entire plan goes according to our fixed timing. Every truck is equipped with a GPS unit so we know exactly where your items are. This is another reason you should choose us and not settle for any other interstate moving and relocation company in Orange County.

There are reasons you should choose us over other Orange County long-distance movers.

To learn more about us, one of the leading long-distance moving company in Orange County, or to hire us, please call us at 714-331-6556 for an instant and accurate quote with no obligation. Or:

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We would be happy to help you with your relocation needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

The sooner the better, especially if you’re moving on weekends and the last/first days of the month. There is a lot of demand for moving services on those dates, so as soon as you have confirmed your moving date call us to reserve your moving crew.

What is included in your rate/price?

A moving truck, all standard tools and equipment needed for moving, packing materials (depending on price option), as well as diss/assembly of furniture, labor, professional moving crew, truck/fuel fee and moving blankets.

Are there any hidden charges or additional fees?

Absolute transparency, you pay only an hourly rate (if it is a local move) and driving time. The only extra fees we have apply in case you have an oversize or very heavy item (piano, gun safe, pool table etc), or if hoisting is required.

What is Double Drive Time?

Many consumers get confused about “Double Drive Time” (DDT). Here in California, the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) requires all movers to charge DDT on hourly rated local moves. It doesn’t apply for Long Distance Moves. It is not a fee, it’s just the way moving companies calculate the driving time. For example, if you’re moving from point A to point B, then we take that time and double essentially covering the ride back. In other words, we don’t charge you for the time to drive from our office to your home and then once we finish we need to drive also from your new home back to our office. Instead we just take the time to drive from your old home to your new home and double it. 

A common question: “Ok so how much do I need to pay for Double Drive Time?”. Well, it’s the same hourly rate that we charge for our service. For example, it takes 3 hours to load a truck and 30 minutes to drive from your old home to a new one and 3 more hours to unload. In that case the bill will be calculated as follows: 3 hours loading + 30 minutes driving (doubled because of DDT to 1 hour) + 3 hours unloading = 7 hours x your hour rate = Total bill  

Keep in mind that we have 15 minutes increments. 

Do the movers wear masks and gloves?

Due to the current situation every crew has a set of masks, gloves and hand sanitizer that are used every time they perform the job if conditions are safe for that.

How much do you think my move will cost? How long will it take?

Unlike the Long Distance moves where we do written estimates based on your inventory to determine the total cost of the move, Local Moves are different. It’s almost impossible to figure out how much your move will end up costing you without seeing how many items you have. Every home is different, some people might have 30 items in 2bd condo, others will have 100 items. Also you need to consider the following factors: how far we have to walk from where we could park the truck to your door (the longer the walking distance the more time it will take), how many flights of stairs, is there an elevator? All those things will increase the time of your move. In addition it depends how many movers you hired. In any case our movers always appreciate customer’s tips and for that to happen they try to complete the move as quickly as possible while trying to be as careful as possible to avoid any damage to your home or furniture.

Do you provide insurance?

With every move we do provide Free Basic Protection as required by moving industry regulation. But as you can image since it’s free it provides minimal coverage ($0.60 per pound per article). For additional levels of protection our customers do have the option to pay for Full Value Protection or to go through a third party insurance (google moving insurance).

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