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Local moving in Orange County: how to prepare to move

Moving to another city

A normal move is an adventure. Moving to another city is an adventure for the brave! If you are looking for a way out of your comfort zone, then what could be better than to set yourself a goal to move with all your things to another city and settle down from scratch in a new place. It is impossible to be prepared for this, but it is quite possible to make the move a little softer. Let’s figure out what needs to be taken into account before moving to another city, how to pack things, create the necessary lists and organize processes.

In which cases it is usually necessary to move to another city

All those who moved to another city hardly thought that this would happen at all. Very often, changes in life are sudden. And now you have to pack your bags. And yet there is a list of specific situations when it is necessary to move to another city:

  • change of residence for study;
  • changing the city for work;
  • buying a new house or apartment;
  • long business trip;
  • moving to another city for service;
  • moving for family reasons — caring for relatives, wedding, etc.

What awaits you and how to prepare for the move

The better you prepare for the move, the easier and faster it will be for you. In fact, when talking about moving, we are talking about several situations at once — that is, it is divided into several stages: preparation, loading, transportation, unloading. And each step has its own nuances and difficulties. Here’s what you have to do if you plan to move to another city:

  • search and purchase of packaging materials;
  • search for transport for long-distance transportation (not all companies are ready to travel from one city to another);
  • revision and collection of things;
  • disassembly of furniture;
  • dismantling and packaging of household appliances;
  • loading all things into a truck;
  • transportation;
  • unloading at a new location;
  • furniture assembly;
  • arrangement of furniture, household appliances and things in a new place.

And this is not to mention a lot of calls, agreements, small things, a lot of garbage that necessarily accumulates when moving and a lot of nerves spent. Yes, organizing a move to another city for permanent residence is not so easy, you need to prepare hard, but having a clear plan, it will be much easier to cope!

Instructions for organizing a move to another city

1. How to start moving to another city
Of course, from determining the date of the move. On this day, you need to order a car and movers in advance. It is necessary to choose a transport suitable for transporting things over a long distance. Discuss with the managers the volume of things, consult, measure and take a large-capacity van with a reserve, so that in case of anything you do not have to give up things, throw them away or come back for them again. When choosing transport, look at the reviews on the Internet and how long the company has been moving and transporting things to another city. Don’t take risks and choose experienced people with good reviews.

2. Termination of contracts at the old place of residence
It is necessary to terminate all contracts at the same address and pay off debts, if any. Close your accounts with the company that provided you with Internet, cable TV, telephony, etc. It is best to do this immediately a month or 2-3 weeks before moving. At the same time, you can take care of the Internet in a new place.

3. Revision of things
It is necessary to carry out an audit of things before the fees, since, most likely, it will be found that half of them are no longer needed by you. So why transport extra junk to another city? When conducting an audit, divide things into three categories: what to leave (this is an important and necessary property for you), what to give or sell (things in working condition, but no longer relevant to you – let them benefit those who need them), and what to throw away (here put everything broken, unnecessary, that is, what neither you nor others will not be used). Sort things into these three groups and get rid of everything unnecessary in advance.

4. Purchase of packaging materials
In order to pack your things, you will need to buy the following materials from the list in advance: scotch tape, cardboard boxes, scissors, bags, bubble wrap – for fragile things, stretch film, as well as, possibly, ropes, paper and garbage bags.

5. Packing and labeling of household items
When moving the whole family to another city, you will have a lot of different things. Therefore, it is better to pack them by room: things and clothes from the nursery, from the kitchen, from the bedroom. When packing them, make the necessary marking – write on the box what is inside and where you need to carry it when unloading in a new place.
When putting things in boxes, follow the rule – down is the heaviest, up is the lightest. For clothes, you can use vacuum bags, which will decently save you space in boxes. Very brightly mark the boxes with dishes, glass and everything fragile. Do not mix different items — books and bottles with cosmetics, food and documents. For bottles with liquids, use a stretch film so that nothing spills on the way.

6. Preparation and packaging of furniture
Moving to another city and transporting things is complicated by the fact that sometimes you need to transport a lot of furniture. It is heavy and big, and it will also have to be disassembled. Try to disassemble large pieces of furniture as much as possible, pack them and pack the accessories separately so that it does not get lost. You can put a screwdriver in the package with the accessories in advance.

7. Preparation and packaging of household and digital appliances
If possible, use factory packages with preserved foam blocks — they are the most reliable. If there are none, then make a cardboard box yourself and protect the most fragile and vulnerable places with a bubble wrap. It is necessary to remove all products and shelves from the refrigerator. The washing machine must be properly turned off, the transport bolts must be tightened so that the drum is fixed. Very carefully and securely wrap the TV, computer monitor and other digital equipment in bubble wrap.

8. Documents and valuables
Put all the documents in a separate folder: Russian passport, passport, driver’s license, marriage certificate or its dissolution, birth certificates of children, CHI policy, INN, SNILS, work book, diplomas and certificates, also take personal income tax and 182n certificates at your old place of work in case you need to make tax deductions. If you move to a new apartment after buying it, then do not forget the contract of sale of the apartment and other documents that certify your right to ownership.

9. A box of essentials
After a long move, you will have no time to look for hand soap, a towel, slippers — all this must be put in a separate bag in advance, which you need to take as hand luggage. Also put in a bottle of water, a toothbrush and a basic set of home clothes. It is always better to transport essential items, valuables and documents yourself and not give them to movers — so they can accidentally get lost in a bunch of other things and they will have to look for a long time.
Loading things into the car: the main rules
You need to start loading things into the car with the largest, stable and heavy items — furniture, large appliances and boxes. Then comes everything small and fragile — so that when unloading these things were the first and they were immediately brought into the house. Large household appliances can be secured with belts in the back of a truck. Do not carry several boxes at once and do not put things on top of each other in the car if possible. In order for loading and unloading to go faster, you can make a layout plan in advance.

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