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Moving from California to Texas. How much does it cost?

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Moving from California to Texas


Are you thinking about moving from california to texas? Maybe you just got a new job in Texas, you got married so you are planning to move to Texas, or you simply moved to Texas because you wanted to. Whatever the reason may be, we understand that moving from one place to another can be quite hectic and stressful. Here at pro movers inc, we are dedicated to help you move as easily and smoothly as possible.


As an Orange county moving company, we like to equip our clients with important tips that will help to simplify their moving process. Here is some important information you need to know before moving from california to texas:


Costs and expenses of moving


The cost of moving depends on the size of a family and apartment. The cost of moving a 3-bedroom apartment and two vehicles all the way from california to texas is more expensive than moving a one-bedroom home. The most significant factor in moving belongings is weight. If a client has many belongings, the weight will be high and so will the cost.


In our experience as Orange County movers, we always come across two types of clients in relation to packing. There is the DIY client who prefers to pack all their belongings by themselves. This is a great move for those who wish to save money and have a small home. You can pack at your own time and ensure that you mark everything well so that you will not have misplaced anything or have trouble during unpacking in future.


At pro movers inc, we also encounter clients who prefer to hire packing services. We highly recommend that our clients hire our packing services so that we can take on the stress of packing for their behalf. Would you like us to pack up your house and get everything ready for you to move to Texas? Let us know today.


There are peak seasons in relation to moving. People who move between May and September will likely pay more than people who move between October and April. The charges are high during this time due to the high demand of moving services and limited capacity. We advise that you move to Texas during the off-season so that you can save more money. Does the situation require that you move within the peak season? Worry not, because we are the most affordable Orange County movers. Just contact us today to get fair quotes.


Cost of living in Texas

One major reason why people prefer to move from California to Texas is the cost of living. Life in Texas is cheaper than life in California. This mostly applies to the rent and housing. A research conducted by Smart Asset claims that the median home value in Texas is $166,374. A one-bedroom apartment in Texas has a median rate of $844 while in California; the median rate is $1410. So moving to Texas is actually a great idea. You will get to save so much money on expenses and utility costs. The utility costs, transportation costs, food, and healthcare in Texas rank below the national average. We highly recommend that you seek a financial advisor and discuss future financial plans for relocating to Texas.


Do research on your new Texas city

Our Orange county moving company advises all our clients to do sufficient research on the city they are about to move to. Having prior knowledge about a place will make it easier to adjust to life there. As we all know, no city is the same as the other. California is in no way similar to Texas. Both cities have their own different cultures, geography, way of life, economy, and people’s interests. So read up, find out as much as you can about Texas cities (Dallas, San Antonio, Midland, Odessa, Houston, Austin, and many more).


Find out where you will live

This may seem like an obvious fact, but we like reminding our clients that having a specific new place in Texas will make the moving process very easy. It will also simplify our work. Where will we move your belongings? What is the street address of your new home? Have you been there before? If not, do you have a friend or relative who will guide you to your new home? We understand that there may be situations that will require you to move to Texas without any initial plans. In such a scenario, we will still help you settle in. However, it is important to carry out prior research and talk to a realtor in Texas. The realtor will have more knowledge about the local market in Texas and will help you find a suitable home. Are you aware that in Texas you have rights to representation in real estate transactions? We highly recommend you get representation especially if you are very new to real estate dealings. The icing on the cake is that the representation will not cost you any cent. Why not take advantage of this and get someone to advocate and negotiate the contracts on your behalf?


Finally, when you get to texas, make sure that you do the following things to avoid any legal troubles:

  • Register to vote in Texas
  • Update the insurance policy of your automobile
  • Let all your creditors know of your new location
  • Update any immunization records of the children (if necessary)
  • Get a valid Texas driving license
  • If you have any vehicle, register it in the State of Texas

Get in touch with us today and let us help you move.

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