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What should you know before hiring movers to move in Orange County?

Have you recently bought or rented a new apartment or a private house, but just thinking about the upcoming move makes you sad and causes negative emotions? Do you want to easily deliver personal belongings, household appliances, pets and furniture to a new home, but you do not know how to approach this task competently and where to start packing?

Many people experience similar emotions before moving. The unknown is frightening. Some cope on their own. Others, having found the coordinates of organizations providing services that facilitate the move, entrust the moving of property to specialists.

Of course, today everyone can try to move  things, appliances and furniture on their own. However, before making a final decision and independently starting to organize the move, it is worth thinking about the actions that need to be done.

First, it will be necessary to find a cargo or at least a roomy car in advance. Secondly, in order to secure things in the car, you will have to ask friends and acquaintances for help in carrying out unloading and loading operations. Thirdly, you will need to choose high-quality and reliable packaging materials. Fourth, you will need to learn how to disassemble and assemble furniture in advance. Fifth, it would not be superfluous to learn about the nuances of moving fragile things.

So is it worth wasting material resources, asking for help from loved ones, getting nervous from the unknown, if you can turn to real professionals and trust experienced specialists?

Taking advantage of the offer of a specialized moving company in Orange County, you will save money, time and effort. In order to save the family budget as much as possible, we recommend that you choose in advance the work that you can do yourself. For example, collecting things in boxes, you can not only make a detailed description of the contents, but also immediately think about which part of the apartment or house it will be more convenient to unpack things.

What are the movers’ services for moving?

The safety of property depends on the experience of specialists. Competent riggers are well versed in the nuances of moving heavy and bulky items, promptly perform loading and unloading operations. They know the secrets of packaging and subsequent unpacking of household appliances and fragile items. For example, at first glance, there is nothing difficult about moving things and furniture. However, knowing the secrets of moving massive furniture, in particular using special belts during the provision of this service, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to move a heavy cabinet, piano or oversized sofa into a truck.

The specialists of our trustworthy company arrive at the address specified in the application at exactly the appointed time and bring with them the necessary equipment and fixtures. If a turnkey moving is ordered, the movers independently perform all the work, and the customers only observe what is happening.

It should be noted that the cost of moving varies greatly.
The final price depends on the details:

  • on the number of specialists involved;
  • from the number of storeys of buildings in which the premises are located, from where and where furniture and appliances are moved;
  • from the presence of oversized items;
  • from the time of day and the time it will take to provide the services selected by the customer;
  • on the scale of the required work;
  • from the need to remove garbage, which is usually formed when moving.

Are you looking for a company that can be entrusted with the moving of things and the performance of unloading and loading operations?

Pro Movers Inc – Orange County local movers near you. You can rely on us! Contact our manager and discuss with him the possibilities of the upcoming cooperation, select the necessary services, set a time at which qualified personnel will arrive.

Our employee will evaluate the scope of work and draw up a contract in which the agreements reached will be correctly indicated. We will promptly arrange a comfortable move. If the client wishes, we will perform the entire range of turnkey works.

At a certain hour, a team of our specialists will come to the customer. The Orange County local movers will bring all the necessary packaging materials with them. They will carefully turn off household appliances, competently pack things into boxes, with the help of special tools they will disassemble furniture. After signing the boxes, briefly indicating the contents of each, they will be taken out of the room and placed in trucks, while securely fixing equipment, furniture and fragile items. The customer’s property will be delivered to the new address. They will bring things, appliances and furniture into the room. If necessary, furniture will be assembled and installed, household appliances will be connected.

We guarantee the quality of our services and absolute confidentiality.

Moving made easy with Pro Movers OC!

Visit us at 1301 E. Edinger Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705, during our flexible office hours:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday: 8 am to Noon

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