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Rules for packing goods for moving in Orange County

rules of packing

General rules for packing goods for moving in Orange County.
Let’s list four universal rules for packing goods for transportation by road, sea and rail.

In order for the cargo not to be damaged during transportation, it needs to be packed efficiently. In this article, we will tell you what rules for packing goods for transportation must be followed to protect them from damage. You can use our recommendations if you plan to choose the packaging yourself.

1. Listen to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
For the packaging of the goods, choose the packaging recommended by the manufacturer. Pay special attention to these recommendations if you are carrying household and office equipment, auto parts, cosmetics, medicines, batteries and cable coils.

2. The packaging must match the size
In addition to consumer packaging, shipments are packed in transport containers: boxes, pallets, bags, etc. The container must correspond to the size of the cargo: no more and no less in size, so as not to damage the cargo inside the package.

3. Do not skimp on materials – choose a durable one
Bags and boxes must be strong and securely sealed. This is especially important in multimodal transportation, when goods are repeatedly reloaded from a wagon or container to a truck. You can choose high-quality packaging materials at a wholesale price in our packaging store.

4. Consider the method of loading and unloading
After you have selected the packaging, apply the appropriate marking, which contains information on how to handle the cargo correctly. These can be designations that meet the requirements for different categories of goods and inscriptions in free form. For example, “Do not turn over”, “Fragile cargo”, “Do not turn over”, etc.

If you are interested to find out what requirements for the transportation of goods by road must be observed, except for packaging, read the article.

How to choose a suitable container for packaging
One of the most important rules of packing goods for transportation by road is to choose a suitable container for transportation. We will tell you which transport package is suitable for your cargo.

Bags made of fabric, paper, polymer materials
Paper bags are suitable for sending small cargoes, including prefabricated ones, and personal belongings. The thickness of the paper bag should be at least 20 microns. Bags made of fabric or polymer materials are suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo: sawdust and animal feed, sugar, etc.

Pallets are wooden pallets that I use for packing goods weighing from 30 to 800 kg and with a volume of up to 2 m3. This method of packaging is suitable for the delivery of batches of goods to hypermarkets and retail chains. Palletizing ensures the safety of cargo and air circulation. To prevent the cargo from sliding off the pallet, it is fixed with shrink wrap, stretch film or a wooden lid pulled by strapping tape.

Wooden boxes
Universal packaging, which is often used for fragile goods. They can withstand a weight of up to 60 kg. Suitable for long-distance delivery and multimodal transportation. We recommend using a filler so that there is no empty space inside the box.

Cardboard boxes
Suitable for loads weighing no more than 20 kg. Cardboard boxes are best suited for transporting children’s toys, books, cosmetics and medicines.

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