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Move in Checklist

Move in checklist.

Moving into a new house or apartment is very exciting. This opens up a lot of opportunities and a chance to start all over. You definitely can’t neglect the potential difficulties that may arise once you find yourself in a new place. We have useful pieces of advice for you, and we hope that they will help you.

10 Important steps before you move in completely

Inspect your new place for undesired guests

By guests, we, of course, mean all kinds of pests. An empty place would represent a potential habitat for all kinds of living creatures. Make sure that there are none. If something’s bothering you, contact the services that will clean up your house before you move in.

Your new home needs cleaning

Piles of dust and dirt are not something you want to see when you move in with your family. Cleaning is important not only for aesthetics but also for your health. It won’t take too long and this will give a fresh start to your new life.

Don’t forget about painting

House painting has to be done prior to moving because of many aspects. First of all, the paint needs time to dry completely and stop emanating any strong smells. Secondly, you don’t need to choose the paint in a hurry but take your time and think about it in advance.

Have a specialist deal with “final touches”

Whether your washing machine has to be connected or something is suspiciously shaking, you need a handyman that will take care of remaining small details. For your safety and comfort, you need all your appliances working perfectly when you move in.

Identify the trash removal days

This step is not usually on the list of top priorities, but it certainly needs your attention. Such information is very useful for somebody who has just moved in. You can ask your neighbors about this later when you’ve already introduced yourself.

Focus on unpacking

You don’t want your boxes lying around for weeks. This may cause a stressful reaction from your family members. First of all, you need to unpack the things that you need as soon as you got there. This includes clothing items, products related to personal hygiene, and bed linens. Your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom have to be ready as soon as possible. You can then proceed to unpack the rest of the stuff.

Locks need to be changed

There is no telling who has the keys to your house. The previous owners may have handed it to their neighbors or other acquaintances. In order to protect yourself and feel at ease, you need to change the locks as soon as possible.

Check whether your smoke alarms work

This is a necessary requirement for your safety and safety of your neighbors. If the smoke detectors don’t work, you will have to replace them.

Meet your neighbors

Once you have unpacked and have spare time to walk around your house, it would be a great idea to visit your neighbors. They would help you find out about all the peculiarities of the surroundings and provide you with information on the closest grocery stores and other important places.

Change your address

This has to be done in order to receive your mail to the new destination. This information is also crucial for your bank accounts.

If moving is not exactly you can handle on your own, then you can use the long distance moving and storage service and learn about all the benefits. This process won’t represent a problem for you anymore!

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